Become a volunteer 

The Grand Prix Ski-Doo of Valcourt is a team of passionate people and a big family that works together to achieve a common goal: ensure the event’s success. We are proud of the exceptional relationship that exists between management, partners, and the more than 230 volunteers who are the backbone of the event. Our volunteers are the first contact for everyone entering the track, and an invaluable source of information for visitors throughout the whole Grand Prix weekend. To reach our goals, we are always looking for dedicated and passionate people that want to join the ranks of our dynamic team.


 Why become a volunteer 

  1. To be part of a dynamic team that works for a common goal – SUCCESS
  2. To create memorable bonds with people that share the same passion
  3. To volunteer in a positive environment and a friendly ambiance
  4. To proudly wear the colours of the Grand Prix Ski-doo of Valcourt, the most prestigious winter motorsport event in the world
  5. To enjoy certain advantages:
    • Daily track credentials
    • Food and beverages
    • Official wear of the Grand Prix Ski-Doo of Valcourt
    • A special evening event for all volunteers following the event

 How to become a volunteer 

If you wish to join the Grand Prix Ski-Doo of Valcourt’s passionate team of volunteers, please send a letter of interest and your CV to info@grandprixvalcourt.com with the subject title:


Following the reception of your letter of interest, a member of the organization will contact you.