Flag definition

GREEN FLAG: Is lifted to start the race, course is clear.

YELLOW FLAG: A yellow caution flag indicates there is an injured rider or broken machine on the course and that racers are required to slow down to a safe speed until through the incident. NO passing or jumping is allowed in any yellow flag zone (the area from the yellow flag to the end of the incident) All drivers will slow down, proceed with caution. All sleds must roll over the terrain in a yellow flag zone: Jumping under a yellow caution flag is a safety hazard, any rider caught jumping under yellow will be DQ’d and receive no points for that heat. Passing under a yellow flag will result in a black flag requiring the rider to drop to the back of the pack, if the rider does not comply – will be scored in last place for that race.

RED FLAG: The race will stop immediately, regardless of your position on the track. Slow down and stop with caution as the drivers behind you may not have seen the red flag. The restart position of the drivers reverts to the last officially scored lap in a single file line. If the racer receives medical attention he/she may not rejoin the race, they must be cleared for future races. If only 1 lap or less has been completed the
restart will be the same as the start of the race. No work may be performed on the machines without the permission of a race official. Raising the hood will be considered a violation of this rule and the offending driver will be lined up at the rear of the field. If the flag is thrown the last lap of the race, there will be two laps being run, white and checkered.

BLACK FLAG: A Furled black flag (the flag wrapped around the stick) signifies a warning
for either equipment failure or driver conduct. A furled black flag is a warning to
stop whatever activity has caught the eye of the officials. Open black flag is NOT an immediate disqualification. It is a penalty flag that may
only require a stop and go penalty or the like. DO NOT simply leave the track. Instead, continue your lap, then carefully slow down and stop near the flag man who will direct you further.

BLUE FLAG: will be displayed to machines getting lapped, hold your line.

WHITE FLAG: will be displayed when drivers have started their last lap.

CHECKERED FLAG: The race is complete, please exit track immediately and return to pit